Tuesday 28 July 2015

The beautiful Vanoise National Park

I continue to go well - almost 40 km yesterday including a big ascent and still reached the Col de Palet hut at 5.15 pm. This proved to be a really good hut, where the guardian served up a big meal and I had a nice talk with a Swiss lady.  The guardian also suggested a few summits I might like to climb, though with a justified gentle warning this morning that I was setting off late for glacier crossing.  I set off in superb weather, with not a cloud in the deep blue sky, and climbed the Grande Motte, with a good ridge leading to the 2,650 m summit.  I'm now coming down to the Refuge de la Leisse on a perfect day.  The Vanoise is a protected area, with no camping, and the scenery is wonderful, with wild places to explore and good paths without too many people.  Bliss!   Should reach Modane in a couple of days if the good weather continues.

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