Tuesday 14 July 2015

Hurrah for ridges!

On Sunday night I bivvied by a little lake, rose at 4.40 am and set off again 5.45, slogging up another big hill.  The first part was lovely woods, then undergrowth and rocks, then meadow with what proved a good hut.  No-one there but run on an honesty basis with lots of food to buy, so I assuaged my hunger with a great pile of ravioli.  Off again at 12.30 up what looked a straightforward ridge, but which turned out to be quite involved with metal brackets for via ferrata but mostly unprotected.  It was so enjoyable though to be back walking along a ridge instead of across them!  There were three little summits, lots of wildlife and it was another glorious day, not quite so hot, so feeling tired I lay down for a while in the sunshine.  Then followed a difficult descent, arriving at the next hut around 7.00 pm. Another 12-hour day, but covering only about 22 km because it involved 2,800m of ascent and some scrambling, when the rucksack makes balancing tricky and progress is slow.

There was a German-speaking lady staying at the hut, so I had a bit of company for a change.  Unfortunately, the hut was being repaired and flapping plastic on the roof made for another restless night and I was off at 5.55 this morning for another long but wonderfully sunny day.  This is day 33 and half time in my journey, though I'm still a bit behind on my schedule.

View from Madamm Gross. The ridge is very like Teallach but grey.

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