Monday 6 July 2015

Alpe Campo

I'm now puffing my way up Sima da Saoseo (2,054m), an unplanned peak spotted yesterday from my overnight stop.  Yesterday I had a long, hot day - 33km and 2,400m of ascent, including a snowy pass and two crumbling peaks, the Pizzo Filone and Bita val Nera.  Having no food and it being Sunday, I struck lucky with a buffet breakfast, feasting later on a chocolate bar, eaten with a spoon!  The hot weather spawned a plague of daddy longlegs, everywhere and in my face for some 45 minutes.  I contemplated bivvying on one of the peaks, but a brewing storm encouraged a retreat to a lovely Swiss hut.  That proved a good decision, with a welcome shower to rid me of four days accumulated sweat, muck and sun-cream residue, a good meal and an invite to Davos from a couple living there.
The scenery in this area of Alpe Campo is truly magnificent, with flower-strewn meadows and indescribably blue lakes in wild surroundings of rocky peaks.  Tonight I shall stay in Posciavo and stock up on supplies.

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