Friday 24 July 2015

St-Remy en Bosse

Yesterday evening I finally reached a good place for my bivouac at 9.30 pm and quickly got to sleep.  Waking in the night, the stars were brilliant and starlight outlined the jagged outline of the surrounding peaks.  Such a wonderful alpine experience.  Setting off early this morning, I decided not to use my poles today, helpful as they are in managing to walk with a heavy rucksack; through constant use I've developed a  repetitive strain injury in both wrists, which needs resting.  It was mostly a much better day than forecast, but in the last stages the weather broke and I got soaked before reaching St.Remy, at the foot of the Great St.Bernard pass.  Taking refuge in the hotel for coffee and cake, it being too expensive to stay there the night, the lady very kindly 'phoned a nearby B&B and directed me there.  It turned out to be a small apartment, complete with cooking facilities, so rather than set out again to a restaurant in the rain and thunder after an 11-hour day, I cobbled together a scratch meal.  If I continue lucky with the weather, I should reach Courmayeur tomorrow, a day earlier than expected, and I shall be pretty well back on schedule. 

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