Monday 27 July 2015

Into France going South

I've made very good progress over the last four days - from near the Matterhorn, past Mont Blanc and now into France.  I'm now at least two days ahead of schedule and going much better, partly because it's much cooler, but also I've got a better rhythm going on easier trails.  On the first night after leaving Courmayeur when the huts were fully booked, I found a bar open at 9.30 pm, had a coffee and then slept in a barn.  The next day I started early along the Tour de Mont Blanc trail, OK for the first couple of hours, but then thronged with people and rather boring.  This 25 km section is the only part of my entire1,800 km route which I've done before, though not exactly seen, because it was running through the night. Thankfully leaving the Tour de Mont Blanc trail, I crossed over the Col d'Estaing into France and down the far side in windy weather with dribs and drabs of rain through a scenic area with impressive boulders, pinnacles, mountain goats and a lovely lake.  The next hut being full, I pressed on to the next for a meal and welcome shelter for the night from wind and rain. Now I'm on the Grande Randonnée 5 route, leading south into the Parc National de la Vanoise and on down all the way to Menton, my ultimate destination.

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