Monday 20 July 2015

Pizzo del Ton

As planned, today I got up the Pizzo del Ton; a nice scramble, having dumped the rucksack.  Still not feeling up to scratch though, possibly still suffering from the results of dehydration in the heat.  Today's journey led through a lovely wild area with many lakes, though in the heat two lakes had dried up completely.  Also coming down, the grass had been cut in places: nice not to have to struggle through tall grass, but dried out as shiny hay it was as slippery as ice and I had a few tumbles - not so nice.  Just when I needed somewhere to stop after another 12-hour day, I came across an amazing place run by the catholic church: inexpensive, super clean and I had a four-course meal.  One more big pass tomorrow as I skirt round Monte Rosa, then the going should get easier with less descent between passes.

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