Sunday 12 July 2015

Feeling like a fried egg

I'm making reasonable progress, but it's tedious crossing the grain of the land - repeatedly climbing up to a high pass and then down again into the forest, where you get no views.  And all the time concentrating on finding the next waymark, so easily missed, especially in the long meadow grass.  Very few people seem to use these by-ways and it can be quite lonely - I've met no English speakers since Cortina.  It's very hot and sunny, so whenever I come to water, I dip my cap in it and soak my head.  Stayed at a nice but expensive little Swiss hut last night but had to sleep on my mattress on the floor.  Today, having recovered a bit, I'm doing 35 km including some beautiful tarmac, but feeling like a fried egg.  Just had a beer to try to forget the heat; the rucksack seems a bit lighter today, but maybe it's just the beer.  Should soon be in Biasca.

Desperately trying to cool off in a pool. The hot sun has been relentless for all but one of the last 19 days.

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