Wednesday 15 July 2015

Exploring on the Basadino

Yesterday I felt much better for my rest the previous afternoon, the rucksack felt lighter and I went faster, starting at 7.30 am and reaching the next hut at Pieno del Este by 6.0 pm.  The hut wasn't so good, nor was the cooking, but there was a nearby mountain which promised well for exploration, making up my own route, armed with a  map but no guidebook.  So this morning I climbed up to the pass, dumped the rucksack and set off up Monte Bassadino, devising a route up slabs and over a little glacier.  The top was narrow with pinnacles, the day was fine with sun and cloud and the exploration proved a real delight.  Then I returned to the rucksack, had lunch, and walked down into the next valley; I'm now on the 4-hour climb to the next bivouac hut.  The scenery has improved, with U-shaped valleys and impressive rock faces, the paths are better and there's less vegetation - I'm feeling altogether better about the world!

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