Wednesday 15 July 2015

Idyllic times on the river on the way to the Basadino

Yesterday morning I realised I was going slowly, I was unsteady on my feet and I felt utterly exhausted, so I said to God, let me know if this is a place to stop - and it was.  A lovely little private hut in Bignasco, in idyllic surroundings with lovely views, where I could sit outside on yet another fabulous day and go to bed in the afternoon.  The owners were very kind, I had three helpings of the meal, they gave me two blocks of army chocolate and there were people there to talk to.  It was definitely time to stop for an afternoon off and today I feel greatly refreshed by a good night's sleep.  Today is my last full day in Switzerland and I'm on my way to Basadino to cross into Italy. 

How wonderful to be able to enjoy the river on yet another hot day.  After the thunderstoms earlier in my journey, the unusually hot weather has been remarkable, and enjoyable apart from the flies and when slogging uphill.  Taking it slightly easier, I should make certain I enjoy the journey yet still catch up on my schedule.

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