Saturday 11 July 2015

Into Ticino

Last night I stayed at an unbelievable bivvy hut - with electricity, gas, water on tap, beds, sandals, food, all the cutlery you could want - even a great view. Consequently, I'm feeling better: life is good!

Now I'm half way up the big hill to the Pizzachino summit, then a 2,000m descent followed by another 1,700m climb up to the Buffalora hut.  The weather's amazing: hot and sunny, with a beautiful blue haze over the mountains.  Beats the frequent storms and static making my hair stand on end (not that I've much hair to stand on end), but it's very steep and hard going in the heat.  I'm now crossing into the Swiss canton of Ticino and face four massive passes over the next few days.  This is what makes it tough - many ascents over 1,400m with a heavy pack and gravity working against you the whole way.  The 2,000m ascents are killing.  I've adjusted my schedule to allow for the difficulty.
In the heat of the afternoon about to ascend 1600m to the buffalora pass.

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