Monday 10 August 2015

very soggy on the border

I should have done my half day yesterday.  Today was very wet.  I retraced my steps for two km and went up to the French Italian border. Despite the heavy rain I climbed the cime de laufer and then followed the border to the col lombarde. You can walk over stones marked france/Italy which feels a little odd. Half way I was in danger of getting hypothermic so I sheltered in the overhang of an abandonned hut and stripped off my t shirt for a long sleeved shirt and jumper.  By the time I reached the pass everything was wringing wet so I was glad of being met for the comforts of isola.

Two big days coming up.  I hope to do the argentera tomorrow from the Lombarde pass and then the cime de gelas the next day.  We'll see. The poor weather today makes me appreciate the wonderful days I've had.

No pictures today but a few more from previously.

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