Saturday 1 August 2015

A soaking in the night

This time my instinct was wrong, as was the weather forecast given in a shop!  The bivvy by Crystal Lake started well - a lovely evening, peaceful and a good meal al fresco, but I was awakened at about 10.30 by distant thunder and not so distant rain.  It then rained hard all night and although my bivvy bag/micro tent is waterproof, my mat is small and not proof against boggy ground near the lake.  I ended up sopping wet, rain hammering on my head, sleepless and cold; at 4.00 am I'd had enough, so put everything on, stuffed the wet things in the sack and set off into the dark, mist and rain.  The high level path wasn't the easiest in the dark - steep, eroded and on a narrow crest - but all those challenging nights navigating the trackless wastes of the Scottish Highlands stood me in good stead.  When the rain eased, I lay down on the path and I think I dropped off for five minutes; anyway, the path has now improved, the sun is out and there's a rainbow.  Fortunately the timing for much needed drying out couldn't be better: I'm meeting Pam & Martin Lawson at a campsite this evening and for the final 13 days I shall have their company in the evenings and a lightened load in my sack.  But beware of optimistic shopkeepers and question your instinct!

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