Friday 14 August 2015

the finish

At 1:50 I finished my journey in the sea at menton.  The water was warm and soothing after my long days.  I felt slightly numb and I suspect it will take some time for it to sink in.  I'm utterly exhausted after having to do those 40 km with little sleep and stomach cramps and after two very hard day's before. It was bizarre to join the throngs of holiday makers on the beach.such a different environment from the lonely places. I'll miss the rhythm of the days, the mountains and the wildlife, but I relish having a less intensive schedule. It's been one heck of a trip and I'll write it up properly and post pictures in the days ahead. Thanks especially to my dad for doing most of the blog posts and to Andy for the early ones, and to the incomparable Lawson family for their support in the valley at the end and in the dolomites. I've made it!


  1. Well done John. Tremendous effort. Really enjoyed reading your updates.

  2. Fantastic effort John. I enjoyed the videos, and loved the way you truly explored and didn't follow anyone else's route.