Sunday 2 August 2015

A delayed rendezvous

Yesterday I reached Briançon, a pleasant place where I ate some little treats at an excellent a little way in the direction I wanted to take next day and they would drive up the road and catch me up.  However they were severely delayed by traffic, the weather and a major detour, so I ended up walking 21 km to the end of the road!  Fortunately there was a refuge where, being soaked by the rain, I ordered a vin chaud and had a good meal, before eventually they arrived and we were able to camp.  Today was fine and I climbed the Grand Glaiza and walked in the Queyras National Park, a most wonderful area teaming with wild life, particularly butterflies and many different sorts of cricket in the grasses.  An amazing place for photography, with a striking view of Monte Viso towering above the clouds. 

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