Friday 5 June 2015

Ready to go

Less than a week to go and pretty much everything is in place.  I've made some pasta sauce and dried it for my bivvies - much better than the bought freeze dried meals and it rehydrates nicely.  I might make some flapjack too.

The snowline has retreated very significantly so I'll probably take the kahtoolas for my solo mountaineering.  I've plenty of kit and I just need to decide what to leave out.  A difficult decision, because once made, I'm committed for the duration.

I've downloaded plenty of music on to the phone for the less compelling sections and lots of talks and sermons to provide some focus for my thoughts.  I'll take a basic kindle so I've oodles of reading matter.  let's see how much I actually read when I'm tired!

I actually start walking next Friday after a day and a half of travelling.  Many of the huts in the early days are shut so I'll have to mix huts with winter rooms and bivvies.  Roll on next Thursday when I leave for Trieste.

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