Tuesday 9 June 2015

Almost packed and ready to go

The last few days have seen me packing and repacking.  Lowe Alpine generously donated a couple of lightweight rucksacks.  I tried to stuff everything in to the 35 litre one, but failed miserably.  In the end I've more than filled the 45 litre sack which is heavier than I'd have liked but I can't see what I can leave out without risking being uncomfortable or unable to do what I'd like.  So after numerous iterations the sack weighs 12.5 kg plus food and water which amounts to around 4kg. 

My kit for the first couple of weeks - I will move like a snail

I've got a stove. kettle and about 4 days of food, but a lot of the weight is kit - rucksack (1.1kg), hooped bivvy (0.9kg), sleeping bag, harness, via ferrata set, helmet, ice axe, poles, crampons, camera, jacket, waterproof trousers, mat and clothing, plus 7 maps.  I can't go too lightweight because I want to be able to deal with cold and wet over a period, and many of the huts are shut in the first week.  I've put in enough food to cope, but I expect to be hungry!

Hmm.  Contemplating my load.
So everything is in place.  Ready to go!

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