Saturday 4 October 2014

The Plan

In 2015 I'll be 50.  I've been doing pretty much the same sort of things for quite a long time now, so I think I need a good long break.  Alison understands my wanderlust, so with her understanding, I'm planning a 2 month journey.  I've settled on a continuous traverse of the European Alps from end to end as I wanted something that I can immerse myself in, enjoy and I can get there on the train.  I'm guessing its about 1850 km, and I'm not trying to do it especially quickly.  Instead I want to experience the mountains properly - to be able to soak in the atmosphere and to climb some of the mountains rather than skirting round them.  So although I'll have lots of big and arduous days, they won't involve yomping along as fast as I can go.  

The plan is to leave around mid June, starting in Slovenia and ending at Monaco in mid August.  I'll be taking a lightweight tent, but I plan to use huts, especially for eating and I want to go pretty lightweight.  Although it will essentially be a solo venture, there's an open invitation for anyone to join me.  I'll be moving at a swift walking pace for most of it, keeping to the mountain tops as much as possible.  In the Eastern Alps I'll look to combine as many via ferrata as possible and if the weather permits, I'll attempt some bigger summits like the Piz Palu-Piz Bernina traverse, Monte Disgrazia, the Ortler, the Monte Rosa traverse, Mont Blanc and Monte Viso.  I'll rely on friends, old and new coming out to join me with the kit for the climbs, so if you fancy any of this, please do get in touch.

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